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Judo South Africa launched the High Level Judo Coaching Project (HLJC) at the University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg on 14 May 2014.The HLJC Project forms a major part of the Long-Term Coaching Development (LTCD) Pathway for Judo, and provides a link to an internationally recognised Judo Coaching Framework, and to coaching initiatives by International Federations.

The Judo Federation have implemented the project together with the UK based Judospace Educational Institute. This 5 year project aims to educate, and qualify to international standards up to 180 coaches by 2018.

Six of the top coaches in South Africa have been following the Advanced Coach Award, accredited by the European Judo Union, and Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, as an Access course for the BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching (European Judo Union).

The coaches have been studying six online modules for the last 6 months and this week they have their 4-day intensive practical block in which they will complete their final practical assessments.
The overall aim of the programme is to improve both quantity and quality of the judo coaches in order to contribute towards a healthier and more successful society. Building a system to generate future educated judo leaders who can deliver judo for development and performance, based on sound technical principles, will have a powerful impact in achieving the strategic overall vision for South African sport of an active and winning nation.

Judo South Africa Coaching Director, Gert Gouws said “Judo South Africa is delighted to work with the team from Judospace to start a major transformation of coaching, to bring it in line with international standards.”

The Judospace Educational Institute delivery team included Dr Mike Callan, Principal of the Judospace Educational Institute and Darren Warner, London 2012 Olympic Silver medal winning judo coach.

Dr Mike Callan said, “We are proud to be part of such an ambitious and important project. These coaches will be at the forefront of implementing positive change in Judo South Africa.”

Following this first group of coaches currently completing the course, Judo South Africa will be putting through the second cohort of coaches, recruited from all regions of the country, that will begin the course with the study of the online modules followed by another practical block in which the Judospace delivery team will be welcomed to South Africa once again.

Judospace in Johannesburg

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Judo South Africa is delighted to work with the team from Judospace to start a major transformation of coaching, to bring it in line with international standards.
Gert Gouws, Judo South Africa Coaching Director

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