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Solidarity of International Judo Education

SIJE-NPO Lecture

14th Annual Lecture for the Solidarity of International Judo Education (SIJE)

The SIJE non-profit organisation invited Dr Mike Callan and Professor Michel Brousse to present this important lecture on Friday 6 December 2013, in Tokyo, Japan.

The aim of the SIJE is to promote the international popularisation of judo, and realisation of jita-kyoei. The Chairman of SIJE is Professor Yasuhiro Yamashita, also Vice-President of the All-Japan Judo Federation.

Dr Callan spoke on the topic: 

Judo injuries in children, a coach education solution?

This paper reviews the tragedy of fatal injuries to children within the Japanese judo community. Consideration is given to the process of judo coach education in Europe, and whether lessons can be learned. Ethical training, assessment, regulation and monitoring of coaches will be presented. Discussion will consider these practices in a cultural context.

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You can see the report of the lecture on the NPO website here (in Japanese)

You can download the transcript of the lecture in english at this link:

Record of the 14th NPO JKS Lecture

Download the lecture at the link below:

Judo Injuries in Children lecture

Judo Injuries in Children lecture

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At school Jigoro Kano was the victim of bullying. He became determined to study ju-jitsu. We can say that judo was developed from a determination to deal with bullying. This work is not yet finished.
Dr Mike Callan

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