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Professor Mori, National Institute of Fitness & Sport, Japan

Professor Mori & Dr Callan

During September 2014, Professor Mori visited the Judospace Offices in Bath, UK, to discuss further research collaboration in the area of safeguarding children in sport.

Dr Callan was invited to present a keynote speech at the forthcoming International Symposium on Safeguarding the Child in Sport, to be held in Tokyo, Japan during 2015.

Further details on the Symposium will be available shortly.

Prof Mori & Dr Callan , Bath Abbey


During September 2013 Professor Katsumi Mori visited the UK, hosted by the Anglia Ruskin University Judo Research Group and the Judospace Educational Institute. Professor Mori is a child protection specialist from the National Institute of Fitness and Sport based at Kanoya University, Japan.

Dr Mike Callan, Director of the Judospace Educational Institute, welcomed Professor Mori and organised him to meet with BJA Complaints and Conducts Committee member Nick Fletcher, in Windsor, UK. Dr Callan and Mr Fletcher shared their knowledge and experience on child protection and athlete welfare and how it is put into practice in Great Britain.

 In April 2013 Dr Callan presented a paper at the Anglo-Japanese Symposium on the Child Athlete’s Welfare – Securing the Human Rights of Children in Sport.  The paper considers the aims and reasoning behind the BJA child protection system and the licensing requirements for judo coaches. It addresses four distinct types of problems (physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and emotional abuse) as well as bullying.

Child protection is of obvious importance in a sport environment; the protection and safety of the current and future generation of judoka is essential. Building relationships with international specialists such as Professor Mori will help strengthen future reforms of child protection systems and tackle problems such as bullying in judo.

During his time here Professor Mori also stayed in Cambridge where he met with Ms Katrina McDonald and Mr Bob Challis from the Anglia Ruskin University Judo Research Group. Whilst there he attended a child protection and Safeguarding workshop.

Professor Mori said “My research in Windsor and Cambridge was most instructive for me thanks to the very great assistance of many colleagues. I look forward to continued collaboration regarding child protection research in the coming years.”

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I look forward to continued collaboration regarding child protection research in the coming years.
Professor Katsumi Mori, National Institute of Fitness and Sport in Kanoya University

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