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The Chair of the British Judo Association Promotions and Gradings Commission, Dave Clark invited Dr Mike Callan, Judospace CEO, to present at the National Senior Examiners Conference on the subject of the "History of Gradings".

Held on 30 May 2015 at the BJA Cente of Excellence at the University of Wolverhampton, it was a very distinguished audience of around 200 people including 9th dans Tony Sweeney and Colin McIver, and British Judo Association Directors Eddie Awford, Peter Blewett and Dave Clark.

The talk by Dr Callan focussed on 9 areas:

  • Early dan systems & Menkyo kaiden
  • Kodokan Shitenno
  • Totsuka Yoshin ryu match
  • Kodokan standards
  • Women’s grades
  • Budokwai promotions & Yudanshakai
  • British Judo Association
  • Obligations
  • Grades today

The lecture can be downloaded at the link below.

Judospace would like to thank the British Judo Association for the opportunity to conduct the research and present this talk.

History of the Grading System

History of Grading lecture

More importantly, this student [awarded the black belt] will have shown enough maturity, commitment, and fortitude to be a serious student of judo, having internalized some of the values and ethics of the educational system of judo.
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