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Lecture for All-Japan Judo Federation

In December 2013, Dr Callan was invited to present a lecture to the All-Japan Judo Federation on the topic; "Bullying by Judo coaches, informing policy and practice".

The session was introduced by Ms Kaori Yamaguchi, University of Tsukuba, and Mr Hiromasa Uno, General Secretary of the AJJF. Dr Callan was joined by Professor Michel Brousse, from the University of Bordeaux, and Vice-President of the French Judo Federation.

The overview of the lecture content was:

Overview  概要

•Definition of bullying in a sports context  スポーツの背景、状況いじめの定義

•Leadership styles used by judo coaches  柔道のコーチが使用するリーダーシップスタイ

•Power imbalances in the coach-athlete relationship  コーチ•選手関係における権力の不均衡

•Relevant social psychology findings    関連する社会心理学の調査結果 

•International perceptions of cultural stereotypes    文化的な固定概念の国際的な認識 

•Examples of anti-bullying policies  反いじめ方針の例 •

A pdf of the lecture can be downloaded below:

Opening Slide

Bullying by Judo Coaches, Dr M Callan

Yamaguchi, Uno, Brousse, Callan

This is a translation of the All-Japan Judo federation page about the lecture:

Notice of Memorial lecture

This time, it was decided to hold a memorial lecture organized by the All Japan Judo Federation.
It will be free admission on that day, we look forward to your attendance from the general public also everyone, judo many stakeholders, leaders.
In addition, lecture by he will be held also in the NPO Solidarity judo education. Please confirm below if you are interested.

Learn and England - France's efforts to violence eradication of judo

Organizer: All Japan Judo Federation
"Where ideal of corporal punishment - Kano Shihan in sport ..." Michel Brousse (France) Abstract
Mike Callan "Practical and ~ ~ corporal punishment measures by judo leader" (United Kingdom) abstract

Think about corporal punishment by "Judo coach, raise awareness about how to run them and guiding principles. In this talk, I want to clarify the meaning of corporal punishment in the field of sports. Also, I think the teaching style of judo coach takes, about the power relationship imbalance that exists between the coaches and players. In addition, knowledge and social psychological related to them, if judo overseas also, or sees stereotypes in the culture of a country, I'll show you examples of guiding principles that do not use corporal punishment. "

(Mon) 17:30 to 19:30 December 2, 2013: date and time
Location: Bunkyo Civic Hall Small Hall (Kasuga, Bunkyo 1-16-21) ※ Free admission

The purpose of judo is to benefit society. If we are not working to this purpose, can we call ourselves a judoka?
Dr Mike Callan

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