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The International Association of Judo Researchers

Our mission is: “To facilitate world peace and safety by improving international and intercultural understanding, cooperation and relationships through judo by supporting judo-related research and education.”

Our Objectives are:

  • To create an open, transparent, and sustainable organization to achieve the above mission statement.
  • To bring Researchers together.
  • To provide researchers with opportunities for publications and presentations.
  • To improve the availability of research related sources.
  • To improve the quality of judo-related research through providing education and scholarships.
  • To encourage and support judo-related educational activities.
  • To support and facilitate judo teaching and coaching methods.
  • To work collaboratively and develop synergistic partnership with other organizations and programmes who can benefit from the resources of this organization

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Making efficient use of one's mental and physical strength is employing one's energies in the most economic way possible for everybody's benefit.
Jigoro Kano

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