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In September 2014 Mike Callan attended the World Kata Championships, and the IJF Kata Training Camp in Malaga, Spain.

We congratulate the organisers, judges, competitors and medallists. and the ten new World Champions in the 5 categories.

Three Judospace coaching graduates competed;

Mike Griffiths (AUS) with Ernie Wakamatsu in the Katame-no-kata

Karlo Lackovic (CRO) with Marijan Kraljevic in the Nage-no-kata

Jelena Vukovic Gotal (CRO) with Katarina Potnek in the Kodokan-goshin-jitsu

IJF Kata Seminar, Malaga

The IJF Kata Seminar covered five kata over two days. Each session was introduced by a member of the IJF Kata Commission before handing over to the Kodokan experts for the technical content. Members of the Japanese team, served as demonstrators.

Sessions were led by Murata-sensei and Fujita-sensei of the Kodokan. Dr Callan supported Murata-sensei in clarifying definitions in english of important new kata principles.

The standard of the seminar was very high.

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