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2013 EJU Education Seminar

During September 2013 Dr Mike Callan, Judospace Chief Executive, attended the European Judo Union (EJU) Education Seminar held in Wavre, Belgium, in his role as EJU Didactic and Scientific Expert. Dr Callan was one of 30 participants from 13 different countries, amongst other EJU Experts such as Prof. Atillio Sacripanti (ITA), Prof. Jose Manuel Garcia Garcia (ESP), and Prof. Sergey Tabakov (RUS).

The seminar was organised under the skilful leadership of Franco Capelletti, EJU Vice President and IJF Hall of Fame inductee, Mrs Benedicte Rouby, EJU Education Director, and Mr Michel Huet, EJU Education Commissioner.

Dr Callan made a presentation based on the proposals for the development of research in judo within the EJU. The presentation highlighted the effect that judo research is already having and noted that over the last 4 years there have been 68 research posters presented, from 35 Universities and Research Institutes, from 15 countries.

Those attending the seminar were in agreement of how important research within judo coaching, teaching and training will be in future.

Other topics of interest during the seminar included:

-       How kata can be fun for everyone, including coaching kata to teenagers and the study of coaching methods that will maximise the improvement of memory.

-       Judo at schools

-       Promoting judo outside the dojo

-       Parents and children sessions

Dr Callan said: “It was a pleasure to attend such a well-managed and informative seminar. Thanks to the European Judo Union and the Belgian Judo Federation for all their efforts.”

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