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14th Annual Solidarity of International Judo Education Lecture, Tokyo, Japan

The Solidarity of International Judo Education (SIJE), non-profit organisation have invited Dr Mike Callan and Professor Michel Brousse to present their 14th Annual Lecture on Friday 6 December 2013, in Tokyo, Japan.

The aim of the SIJE is to promote the international popularisation of judo, and realisation of jita-kyoei.

Dr Callan will talk on the topic “Judo injuries in Children, a Coach Education Solution?” Professor Brousse’s lecture will be on “Dangerous judo or dangerous coaching?”

Dr Callan is the Chief Executive of the Judospace Educational institute, and President of the International Association of Judo Researchers. Professor Brousse is Vice-President of the French Judo Federation, and Professor at Bordeaux Segalen University. They collaborated most recently at the 8th International Judo Research Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, in August 2013.

SIJE is led by its Chairman, Professor Yasuhiro Yamashita, Vice-President of the All-Japan Judo Federation, and 1984 Olympic Champion.

The 14th Annual Lecture will try to address the problems of judo injuries to children in japan. The visit is kindly supported by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To find out more about the SIJE visit their website:


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