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Prof Fumiaki Shishida visits Judospace

5th June 2014

Professor Fumiaki Shishida, from Waseda University recently visited the Judospace offices to collaborate on international judo research.

Professor Shishida, currently a visiting scholar at Anglia Ruskin University met with Dr Callan, Judospace CEO, and together they visited the Bowen Archive, and archivist Ms Lizzie Richmond.

At the Bowen Archive, Professor Shishida was able to find many items petinent to his research.

He is a student of Kenji Tomiki, and is a specialist scholar in topics related to judo at a distance.

They also travelled to Dorset to meet with historical researcher Amanda Thyme, who is completing a book about former Budokwai member Sarah Mayer, who trained in Tokyo in the 1930s. Mrs Mayer stayed at the house of Waseda alumni, and famous judoka and wrestler, Ichiro Hatta.

After the visit Professor Shishida went on to meet with Tony Sweeney 9th dan, at the Budokwai in London.

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Fumiaki Shishida and Mike Callan in Bath
Prof Shishida at the Bowen Archive

Judospace are working seriously to improve education in judo. It was a pleasure to visit them.
Professor Fumiaki Shishida, Waseda University

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