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Judo Knowledge Meeting

2nd May 2014

The Judo Knowledge Commission of the European Judo Union, met in Cambridge in April to continue their monitoring of the EJU Coach Awards. The Commission Members, Mr Envic Galea, Mr Bob Challis, Mr Lance Wicks, Professor Atillio Sacripanti, and Dr Mike Callan, were joined by EJU Presidential Advisor Mr Ezio Gamba, Assistant to the President Ms Yana Dmitrieva, and Vice-President, Mr Franco Capeletti.

Following the meeting the group attended a dinner hosted by the British Judo Association, with Chairman Kerrith Brown, and Chief Executive Andrew Scoular. They were joined at the dinner by Professor Michael Cole, Head of Department of Life Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University, and newly appointed Judo Research Assistant, Ms Natasha Collins.

The dinner was held at Trinity Hall Cambridge University, where a ju-jitsu club practised as long ago as 1906. Dr Callan, Chief Executive of the Judospace Educational Institute, presented colleagues with copies of historical documents about the orgins of ju-jitsu in Cambridge.

Ms Dmitrieva, on behalf of the President, expressed the thanks of the EJU to Anglia Ruskin University for hosting the Coach Awards, and presented Professor Cole with a momento of the European success at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The Commission Chair Mr Galea expressed his thanks to the British Judo Association for hosting the dinner in such an appropriate and prestigious venue.

Trinity Hall Cambridge

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