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Dr Ryo Uchida visits Judospace

19th March 2014

Dr Ryo Uchida, Associate Professor, Nagoya University, Graduate School of Education and Human Development, visited the Judospace Educational Institute to further his understanding regarding judo coaching and safety.

Dr Uchida is a member of the Research Institute for Risk in School. His research revealed the problem of the incidence of deaths among young japanese judoka. Because of this the All-Japan Judo Federation is now able to take the necessary steps to improve coaching and safety for young judoka.

During his study visit to the UK, Dr Uchida met with Janine Johnson, Yoshiaki Tsuruoka and Mike Callan from the Judospace Educational Institute. 

Dr Uchida said "I got many ideas in order to change japanese sports culture. I learned that judo itself is not dangerous. Judo reform is coaching reform!"

Dr Callan said "It was a pleasure to support the work of Dr Uchida, in his efforts to help the judo family to reduce any injuries. Judo is an education, our primary objective must be to educate our young judoka."

It is hoped that following the visit there can be research collaboration between Nagoya University and Anglia Ruskin University, Judo Research Group, along with other eminent judo researchers in Europe.

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Ryo Uchida and Mike Callan

I learned that judo itself is not dangerous. Judo reform is coaching reform!
Dr Ryo Uchida, Nagoya University

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